Related Legislation

2006-07 Session

Bill Number Title
HB 1906 Improving Math and Science Education
HB 1779 GET Ready for Math and Science Scholarship Program
HB 2262 Professional Teaching Standards
EHJR 4204 School Levy Simple Majority
SB 5098 Washington College Bound Scholarships
SB 5114 Student Transportation
SB 5806 Statewide Funding and Tuition Policy
SB 5828 Early Child Development and Learning
SB 5841 Enhancing Student Learning Opportunities and Achievement
SB 5843 Establishing an Education Data Center
SB 5955 Regarding Educator Preparation, Professional Development, and Compensation

2005-06 Session

Bill Number Title
HB 2789 Running Start
HB 2964 The Department of Early Learning
SB 6255 Navigation 101